The news is overwhelming in such a content heavy and tech driven world. Free yourself up with a news app that fits your hectic lifestyle. Designed to fall back into a light version when loading on low-bandwidth, NEWSBYTE is available globally to all demographics.

THE PROBLEM The internet is a busy place and getting your daily news can mean sifting through jargon, noise and unnecessary information. Apps and news sites are usually very content heavy, with adverts, product sponsors and stock imagery that doesn't add a lot of value.

THE OBJECTIVE To engage with and retain readers in the aim to become their main tool for daily news and information. As well as being digestable for the busy digital native that doesn't have time to read through a lot of content in search for subjects and topics of value.

THE SOLUTION A news app with minimal excess and a clean, legible UI. Sourcing it's news from credible sources and omitting extreme emotional journalism, this news app is built to inform without inferring or complicating news and affairs. Easy access to clear information is a priority so all imagery has been excluded from the design.