They say that Christmas happens earlier and earlier each year. Christmas Spirit shows us just how earlier and where people start thinking about Christmas.

They say that Christmas happens earlier and earlier each year. We wanted to know just how soon people really start thinking about Christmas using google search analytics.

THE PROBLEM How soon do people start talking about Christmas decorations? How soon after Halloween to people think about Christmas presents? How soon after Easter are Christmas songs on people's minds?

THE OBJECTIVE To highlight search analytics in a fun and interactive way. To help answer our question, when do people start thinking about Christmas and where.

THE SOLUTION We mapped out where in the UK (We scrapped the world map as some areas don't celebrate Christmas so the map wasn't showing to be quite as impressive) people start searching for Christmas terms, how early in the year and what it was. We compiled this into a designed interactive map that people could engage with.


We created low fidelity wireframes to quickly map the functionality of the app we were creating. First the user will select a category and next a location pulse.

The map will then serve a pop that will tell the user where in the UK it is and how many searches this category has received.

This is a the view swap functionality that was in the original plans to have a world views as well as a UK view.


The splash page on entering to site that tells users on how to use the map. In the design notes it was stated that there will be animated snow. It is the designers responsibility to help source the code for this to be possible.

The categories on mobile are designed as a pull out menu with the icons and corresponding category names. On desktop, the menu is sticky to the side of the browser window.

The aesthetics and styling of the map and popups. These were later coded as tooltips to make it clearer to the user.


On desktop, I designed it so that the menu was always visible and sticky to the left-hand side.