You keep hearing it on the news, global warming is problem. Learn more about the impacts that animal agriculture has on the environment and and wasteful the industry really is.

THE PROBLEM Global warming is a problem, a problem this generation needs to face now before it's too late. One of the proven aggravators of global warming is animal agriculture. With 14% of green house gasses being from animal agriculture (as much as transport emissions), it's learn how it's causing destruction and how we can help to reduce the impact it's making.

THE OBJECTIVE To educate consumers on the impact of animal agriculture in an engaging and non judgmental way.

THE SOLUTION A site with facts and figures to inform the consumer about the impact this industry is having on the world. To help consumers learn and understand how to help out with small steps and links to resources. I hope to build upon this site to create more content, to help guide people on the best ways to reduce their impact on the environment.